Weekend Comp Going On

This weekend, for every 150 pages you surf, you win a free solo ad! Just send me a support ticket after you have surfed and i’ll set it up for you.

Buy a banner ad at Ms Biz and also get it listed on Ms Biz Links and Ms Biz Topsites for free!! http://msbizdirectory.com/advertise.htm

Happy Surfing!!


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A little rant….

Ya know….i just need to rant a little bit.  Traffic Exchanges are amazing ways to get your website seen.  But i’m really noticing those big guru traffic exchanges are just completely taking over and they are just filled with paid to click, get rich schemes and basically a bunch of  junk.  I’ve tried surfing several of them, but my little candle site and Ms Biz completely gets lost amongst all the crap, my opinion is they are a total waste of time. Those people are just looking to make money and not shopping one bit.

We need more niched TE’s desperately.  I was so happy this morning when I discovered a new niched TE for WAHMS. I about fell over myself to get over there and sign up for it, it’s called Mom Banners.com TE. 

We all need to just put our foot down and refuse to surf those guru TE’s. And support each other as mothers and business women.  Let those get rich scheme folks continue to blast the internet with their advertising and we’ll just see how rich they get. LOL  Ya right!

As my way of rebelling, I’m not going to allow anymore guru TE’s advertised in Ms Biz. So if you have a link to one of them as a referral I need to ask you to remove it because I don’t want to support that anymore.  Let’s help each other and support each other as business women. 🙂

Thanks for reading my rant….and yes I’m mad!



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Ms Biz Links

I’ve completly remodeled Ms Biz Links and I’m really happy with what the site has to offer. The concept is so simple and affordable….advertise your site with just one word! How easy is that? Then you can customize your word by choosing different colors, fonts and sizes.

I also made banner advertising really affordable for everyone, only $5.00 for 3 months…well worth it because I will be marketing Ms Biz Links very heavy in the coming weeks.  It’s so cool I think everyone should have a word! lol

Check it out:

Ms Biz Links

 Hope everyone is having an awesome week!


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Really Cool Deal!

Want to get 100 chocolate recipes and make a little extra money?? This is sooo cool and very simple:

100 Chocolate coated recipes to success

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We Remodeled!

Ms Biz has been remodeled to reflect both WAHMS and Crafters.  We really care about helping your business grow and each and everyone of our members are important to us.  We hope you like it. 🙂

New Banner

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We are back up!

Wow! Major panic at Ms Biz today.  I logged in to approve websites etc and half the site was gone! Somehow a very important file went poof and with the help of a friend at Ventrino forum, the file was able to be reuploaded. WHEW! I don’t ever want to go through that again.

If  you went to Ms Biz to surf today and saw the site was gone, log in and surf a little tonight. Send me a support ticket telling me you surfed today and I’ll give you 100 credits.

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1,000 Free Hits Just For Joining!

Come and join all the other WAHMS and Crafters promoting their websites and products at Ms. Biz Directory and Shopping Exchange.  For a limited time, I’m giving away 1,000 free hits to free memberships. If you don’t have time to do alot of surfing…there are affordable packages starting at just $1.99.


See you there!!

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Happy Fourth of July!

I’d like to wish all the members at Ms. Biz Directory and Shopping Exchange a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

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A really cool site to get your blog seen!

I just found the coolest site!! It’s called Blog Explosion and it’s set up kind of like a traffic exchange but only for blogs.  What an awesome way to get your blog out there.  I’m posting the link here so you can all check it out:

Have Fun!!

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Ms Biz Directory and Traffic Exchange is now offering 700 hits and 1 to 1 surfing ratio to all new free members. 🙂 Come Join Us!! http://msbizdirectory.com

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